Episode 8: Make a Commitment

Angela and Aly explain more about the commitment page from Episode 7 and how their own lives changed when they filled out the same page. Aly and Angela both gave up everything and gained everything.   They recommend you start slower than they did but if you want to take the plunge, prepare yourself.

What Are You Ready to Receive?

Aly and Angela explain more about the commitment page we spoke about in episode 7 that you can download for free from angelashelton.com or survivormanual.com

We explain how our own lives changed when we filled out that same page. When Aly cracked the code and put everything and everything, I did the same the following month. Both of us lost everything and gained everything. 

More about THAT in upcoming episodes.

We recommend you start slowly and not jump in like we did but if you are willing, prepare yourself. 

We mention their favorite person Agatha from The Cible, which means The Target in French. She’s French, real French from France. She’s also a godsend.

We mention how Kim Mayer uses the pages in her women’s healing retreat and how Kimleigh Smith came up with the name of her show TOTALLY KIMLEIGH at one of the full moon women-only parties at Angela’s house. Kimeligh is also a guest on STIRRING UP TROUBLE!

Yeah, we did that too…

STIRRING UP TROUBLE, the COMEDY COOKING SHOW hosted by Angela Shelton with guests John Fugelsang and Kimleigh Smith! We talk about dating while eating a chic…

It’s good to have a WITNESS when you make a commitment.

Download the COMMITMENT PAGE from HERE right now.

We are heading to Los Angeles to record more TONIGHT!

I think we’re going to get into the bathtub.

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