Episode 9: Listen to Your Body

On the morning of their Los Angeles red carpet premiere of Eagle and the Albatross writer/director/producer Angela Shelton and producer/actor/singer Aly Drummond go for a 6am work to Nata’s Portuguese Pastries in Studio City, CA – https://www.nataspastries.com/ They discuss the pain Angela was in after losing her house to Madoff and how your physical pain is a road map to your emotional pain.  Music by Leah Finkelstein and Heather Stewart  Please subscribe to our show!

…and Listen to Angela Cry Into a Tart.

On the morning of our red carpet for Eagle and the Albatross Angela and Aly went on a 6am walk (because that’s healthy) to record this podcast. Walking by houses in the early morning we got to talking about how Angela lost her house indirectly due to Madoff. Yeah, that happened. F that guy.

Long story short, Angela’s back went out and she was in agonizing physical pain that she later learned was directly related to her emotional pain when she was told about this book:

Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection By John E. Sarno MD

This book made Angela realize the connection to her body pain and her anger and rage.

As soon as she linked the fact that she was full of rage over losing her house, and it was the same time that her back went out – her pain went away.

Kimleigh Smith had a similar experience and talks about it in her show TOTALLY KIMLEIGH. She went paralyzed from the waist down and ended up having a miraculous healing as well.

We didn’t end up in the bathtub (to share a healing technique) as we had planned, we ended up at Nata’s Pastries in Sherman Oaks, with Nata watching Angela cry into a tart.

You never know what you’ll get going through 101 Ways to Heal That Sh*t – but today it’s about listening to your body – because your body really does keep the score.

We made it to the red carpet and had a blast, btw!

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