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I appreciate you bypassing any middlemen and corrupt systems and coming straight to me with offers. If you have an offer for directing or screenwriting you can contact me directly or my lawyer Linda Lichter.


Jacque Borowski-Pineda, Linda’s Paralegal ext. 225

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9200 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 1200 West Hollywood, CA 90069


I appreciate you being here and I am happy to help! In addition to my LIVE events in person and virtually on social platforms, I do private calls and group coaching.

I provide unique and different experiences and expertise in independent filmmaking, publishing, grassroots marketing, public speaking, and fundraising because I think and live outside of the box and the system that manipulates it.

The same goes for trauma and recovery. I have unique expertise because I am not silenced by a board or particular funding that does not actually promote healing.

After breaking my own trauma/drama cycles, I applied my healing skills to my work and raised millions of dollars for non-profits, as well as funded films with healing messages from low-budget to millions.

I have many dear friends and contacts in many industries from Hollywood to the trauma-informed-care world.

I am unaffiliated with any party or organization, or silenced by any funding and I hold no boundaries of gender, race, political standing etc, because child abuse has no boundaries! I am on the board of but they do not control what I say, I only want you to know about them so you have the escape routes you need.

I promote The One in Nashville in my footer because he was my missing link for the body health that I needed to do my show so I share him loud and proud. He also does not control my voice or actions although is a great friend and mentor.

I help survivors who are ready to shift into Reformering their lives, indie filmmakers, artists, writers, coaches, wanna-be entrepreneurs, speakers, business owners, and men and couples from all walks of life. Yes, I said MEN. I have a Sexual Healing Ministry for Men and it’s an honor to help so many get off of porn and into their purpose. We need you! Of course, I help all genders of humans but my expertise is with men and couples.

I am extremely protective of my time and what I put into my mouth and I encourage you to be as well! I get LOADS of messages across all social platforms from all kinds of humans. Though I adore people and want to help everyone I cannot feasibly answer all messages therefore I go live on my APP, post loads of content on social, and I have ways to pay for intentional targeted time.

The best way to utilize the FUN and funny I bring in the face of fear is to bring me to your town in person. You can find out how in the tab above! For a private or group coaching call you can book one call or a series.

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Your life purpose is more important than your pain. Stop doing to yourself what your abusers did to you and notice your life shift.

I love you, squish!


Couples utilize my advice and skills to help them move from repeated and old trauma to Holy Bedrooms.

Men of all ages but specifically men in their 20s utilize me for healing mother wounds and elevating beyond addictions to porn and into their life purpose.

Survivors who are ready to go to the next level of being a Warrior and Reformer.

Independent filmmakers and their investors, artists, and writers utilize me for fundraising, setting up their deliverables properly so they are ready for distribution both independently and through distributors, and ways to avoid Hollywood frauds and middle-men money traps. I save you loads of money and time.

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