Episode 05: 24/7 Help – Pretty Breathing

Angela Shelton and her BFF Aly Drummond demonstrate a breathing technique you can do when nobody is around, google isn’t working and the sh*t is hitting the fan.  Music by Leah Finkelstein and Heather Stewart  Total shameless plug – please subscribe and rate our show if you like it.  You might NEED A THERAPIST to listen to this show, but we hope it helps you.  We fixed our 24/7 Help Link: https://www.survivormanual.com/help

A Great Breathing Technique That Works

You know when everything sucks, doesn’t work, nobody’s around, internet is down, you’re being ghosted, your therapist is on vacation and generally you’re totally alone and freaking the F out?

This is a fantastic breathing technique to do!

Once you learn it you can use it ALL the time, even during dinner with people you can’t stand, or in traffic, or when you’re pulled over after screaming like a lunatic in your car. (See Episode 3)

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