Episode 04: Psychotherapy

Angela Shelton and her BFF Aly Drummond discuss talk therapy, how to get a therapist, and psychotherapists that worked or didn’t work for them. Cursing her grandmother out worked for Angela.  Music by Leah Finkelstein and Heather Stewart  Please subscribe to our show! Find more healing techniques at https://www.survivormanual.com

Good Therapy, Bad Therapy, and Cursing Out Granny

In this episode Aly and Angela talk about THERAPY. How to get a therapist, times we’ve had bad therapy, good therapy, and what comes up in therapy and what has worked.

For Angela, cursing out her grandmother worked.

Aly talked to a therapist online who sure looked like she had another side job going on in the background…

It’s a whole fun discussion – get in on it!

Please do send in what therapies have worked for you, how you found a good therapist, and any healing techniques that you’d like us to highlight. We have our list of 101 topics, but we are moving some up in the line per your requests.

Here’s the shameless blah blah blah – if you like our little show be sure to take a moment and rate it and write reviews and share it. It really does help. Happy Healing!

Music by Leah Finkelstein and Heather Stewart 

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