Work Clean – Moving Through the PILES


Got piles? We are now working together to address them and level up like we are everywhere else in our Reformer Network!


We are starting a NEW meetup on Wednesday evening 6pm EST for as long as it takes! I\’m not going to record it so we are not limited with time so if we go over it\’s okay. Aiming for 1 hour but we may need to go further if we are jamming. There is A LOT to cover. We have it at 6pm so CA is 3pm and London is midnight – I know, London! 


We are going to WORK CLEAN guided by the book and program. 


Get the audio version or printed here.  You can get the app and system here:


We will be organizing our PILES both inner and outer. As we each are finding our way through all that comes with elevating and expanding, we are leveling up!  When we do that we see that ohhhh crap, there\’s some old ass piles to trip over. I know, I have many myself!  We will start at step one and do it together. Who knows maybe my mom will finally do her dishes. She\’s now writing an essay about what she could cook if her dishes were done. LOL 


The REFORMERS started when I said if everyone in my phone knew everyone in my phone the world would be better instantly. And it is!!! I also know that we have all been through some shhiiitttt OMFG. Like a rollercoaster of wild wonderful and WTFs. 


How this chapter began is I contacted a highbrow product mentor who takes products from conception to distribution with places like Sony and Disney etc.

I told him what all the Reformers have products and we have shipping and distribution for them too. I have a product I’d like to create for my daughter as well as one for my show. We have BIG dreams but many of us are stuck in the oh sh*t phase.

So I contacted him. I said I know I\’m not at the level to be a client (that\’s like 15K to talk to him) because Hollywood ripped my bank account to shreds but I\’d love it if you checked me out and my network and all that we are up to and tell me WTH do we all do next. 


He said, “WOW you are a MILLIONAIRE MOGUL!”  I  said, “Yeah everyone says that when they check me out but where are these millions? I lost my savings working in movies.” He said, “All you have to do is read Work Clean and start following the process. Clear off your schedule and redo it.\”


I got the audio book and listened on my way back and forth to Nashville and oooohhh my good heavens did that kick my ass into reality. 


So HELL YEAH Reformers – let\’s roll into the phase together! It\’s hard work but what\’s harder, staying in the piles of repeat sh*t or leveling up into the unfamiliar? 

Most of us were raised by wolves and never taught these things. I know I had to throw things in a bag and run for my life wayyy too many times, I had no training in being a mogul. I can run a movie set and the production coordinator has it supremely organized, but I have never done that for MY life. Have you??


So I created a Work Clean space in our Mighty Networks so we can share whatever is working for us as we begin. The meeting link is in our Network and we begin on Wed evening. HELL YEAH!


Become a Reformer:


If you are broke as hell right now – hit me up for the meeting link and come in anyway so you can fix that! 


Let\’s roll!! 

AND OMG OMG Our Play Camp was sooo fun and sooo needed and oh my God you must come next year. We can pile in!

Thank you to the Reformers for Reforming LiFe!

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