Who is Angela Shelton?


Thank you for being here and going on this journey!

Sum me up in one sentence, I dare you. Here are some:

  • Angela Shelton is a conversation starter and a dream-maker.

  • Angela Shelton is a gateway for you to be fully self expressed, because she is!

  • Angela Shelton is an icon for anyone who has been through hell.

  • Angela Shelton put the F back into my Life! She is Life with ALL the F Words. (that’s my favorite)

I am A LOT. I know this and I’m okay with it. I love my own company so if you don’t, I’m happily having a grand ole time and eating well while I do it.

If I had not been a model, I would have been a preacher, so I write movies and books as sermons. That does not mean that I’m a huge churchgoer. In fact, I’m a churchhopper.

I grew up in a home of incest and domestic violence and lived in fear and anxiety and poor in the mountains of North Carolina.

Despite living with abuse and unconscious parental units, I always kept my sense of humor and my firecracker spirit. I knew that I had a calling to do something great in the world, I just didn’t know what it was or how to get out of the cage I was in.

When we were removed from my biological father’s home when I was 8 and put into foster care, I thought that was my escape route but we were abused there too and starved!

I became fixated on ESCAPE ROUTES. (which I now share in a myriad of ways!)

After a Family Court hearing (biggest cesspool of perpetrator networks in this country btw) my bio dad and step mom were told to get therapy and I went to live with my real mom and my step siblings went with their dad. (Find out more in my book)

When I went to live with my bio mom at 8, I began cursing (I still drop F bombs). My mother always encouraged me to “write it down” so I began writing short stories and novels and winning writing contests. My life on stage as a cursing 8-year-old writer and a mime at the mall began. I discovered the power, creativity, and freedom in writing and acting.







We drove across the country and moved to San Diego when I was 13 (that is the movie Tumbleweeds). At 14 I was discovered as a model and at 16 we made the move to Los Angeles for me to be with the Nina Blanchard agency.

I moved to New York City when I was 17 and then to Milan, Italy, and Paris, France, where I wrote my first book.

I officially changed my name to Angela Shelton when I was eighteen because I refused to carry the name of my biological father who was a child rapist. I grew up observing how perpetrators worked and had a drive to protect their victims. The puzzle pieces of my personal life are coming together in my latest performance art piece (sign up for my emails and follow my socials to know more).

I got to travel the world, date hot male models, and walk the runways with all the supermodels of the time. I was in the era of Christy Turlington and Lynda Evangelista, but I was in back row. I was mainly a proletariat model doing catalog shoots all over the world. I also saved models from being roofied by playboys and cursed out a lot of perpetrator photographers. I was also the name of the class action lawsuit against the modeling agencies stealing from the models. Opps. It was Angela Shelton vs. Elite. HAHA. (Sorry! Call me. We can make up.)

Stereotypes happen for a reason and I was a model. LOL. I have LOTS of stories. I wrote a book called Dumb Model and her 4 French Chairs, where the chairs tell the story instead of her. It’s an erotic book so I have sat on it for ages and am getting it ready to share.

Instead of going out with playboys or doing drugs with the other girls, I wrote my first book, Every Tom, Dick, and Harry when I was nineteen modeling in Paris.

I bridged into acting and booked the lead role in Gavin O’Connor’s first film Comfortably Numb when I was twenty-one. Gavin and I became besties and he read my manuscript about my life with my mother and said holy God this is a movie! We wrote the screenplay Tumbleweeds together based on one chapter, which catapulted his career and began my healing journey.

Tumbleweeds was awarded the Sundance Film Festival (2000) Filmmaker’s Trophy and earned the lead actress Janet McTeer an Academy Award® nomination and a Golden Globe® win. Yes, my wikipedia page is correct about some things, Gavin and I did get married and divorced as friends and I introduced him to his second wife Heidi, whom he had a child with. He was also a huge catalyst and supporter of me making my documentary.

I became a screenwriter in Hollywood with the big agency UTA, PR firm, manager, and I bought a house in the hills and a brand new car. I wrote screenplays and adapted novels for the small and big screen as I continued acting and booking TV pilots and guest stars. You may have seen me on Becker, Chicago Hope, or Pacific Blue.

One of my favorite writing jobs was adapting Kaye Gibbons’ novel Charms For The Easy Life, starring Gena Rowlands and Mimi Rogers, who also produced it for Showtime. I also adapted a modern adaptation of Lysistrata for Dolly Parton’s company that did not get made.


There are massive hurdles in Hollywood to navigate in order to get projects made. I could write a book about it and oh I will.

I now help filmmakers, artists, writers, and creatives navigate the waters in out-of-the-box ways. Contact me for help here.

THEN my life did a TOTAL FLIP when I fulfilled a dream and a dare to direct and my directorial debut was the documentary Searching For Angela Shelton.

Screeeech Halt!

Making that film

It forced me to go on my own personal healing journey, which lead me to revealing and ending self-hatred and self-abuse that I share in the revealing book Finding Angela Shelton.

Ever since that film threw me a life transformation, I reveal my healing process on all levels so that I show others the escape routes I used so that they can do the same if they so choose.

Cover story of Written By about my search for Angela Sheltons:











I went searching for other Angela Sheltons and they led me to myself.

Shop merch here. 🙂

I was gifted with the “I Love Angela Shelton” logo as a symbol of survivors who are Resilient, which led to me created a network of “Angela Sheltons” who make the world a better place by reforming it for the better: https://angelashelton.com/community

After being told I was too young and too female to direct movies I gathered my first crew to direct my first film – Searching for Angela Shelton. Watch HERE.

My mind and heart was opened and transformed forever when I traveled the United States of America to make the documentary Searching for Angela Shelton.

My original intent was to direct a funny, light-hearted movie about the mindset, motivations, and attitudes of women in America that happened to be named Angela Shelton, so I drove around the United States meeting and interviewing every other ‘Angela Shelton’ I could find. What I found shocked me to the core.

I discovered that 70% of the women I spoke to were survivors of rape, childhood sexual abuse, and/or domestic violence. One of the Angela Shelton’s I met was tracking sexual predators, and she lived in the same town as my biological father, who had sexually abused me and my step siblings years before. We arrived to his town on Father’s Day! In the film I confront him as he leaves his house to go to church.

To this day, that documentary is utilized around the world as a tool to help break the silence and disrupt the cycles and networks that allow this horrific abuse and violence to continue unabated.

<iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/xCc0gMc2iZ4?wmode=opaque" height="480" width="640" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


“We are all Angela Shelton, even me.”


After making my documentary I appeared on Oprah, Larry King, Lifetime, 48 Hours, The Early Show, Ricki Lake, and the cover of the New York Times as well as many local channels.

I became an international, using my acting and comedian skills to share what I learned about trauma and recovery in FUN ways so that audiences are able to hear it and not tune out from the depressing statistics.

I use the SWORD as an analogy for trauma and created courses, workbooks, and a live presentation of the Sword of Trauma and show ways to Be Your Own Hero that is profound and hilarious. Take the course here.

I was told SO many times by booking committees at universities that I should label my talk as COMEDY ENTERTAINMENT instead of under Women’s Issues and they could pay me more and get bigger audiences. HAHA – oh I have some comedy!

I speak to a wide variety of audiences from Congress, universities, military bases, high schools, elementary schools, community centers, conferences and seminars nationwide and internationally. I have been to every state and down every highway in the USA. (not everyone can say that!)

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