THE HAMMER aka Heart, Baby!

The Hammer (aka Heart, Baby!)

Due to Hollywood middlemen attempting to halt, stunt, and thwart this film, filmmaker Angela Shelton is personally allowing you to watch it here for free to see WHY she and core fans have worked for so long to protect this film, the investors, and those who have points on the backend like the real George and Andy. After you watch, we would all appreciate any help your help spreading Heart, Baby!

Thank you for watching.

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Bring the Film to Your Church!

17+ recommended with a discussion afterward. Bring Angela Shelton to speak HERE.

The Hammer Education

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MANY men have shared how this film transformed them, opened their minds and hearts, and left them forever changed.

Show the movie in your church, VFW, community groups, or viewing parties and use this workbook written by Evangelicals for Social Action!


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