Angela has the energy of a hurricane and the talent to harness it. She is fearless while being emotionally accessible. No one could hope for a better creative collaborator.
— Frank Megna, Writer/Director
It was a pleasure to watch and listen to Angela Shelton as she provided valuable information to filmmakers that can’t be found in any book!!
— Doc Ogden, Emeritus Professor
Though she takes on serious issues, Angela Shelton is joyous, irreverent, funny, and feisty!
— Ellen Bass, author of The Courage to Heal




I truly believe that her presentation changed some people’s lives for the better. Anytime a speaker can do that, it is priceless.
— Dutchess Community College
Angela is an agent for change, a catalyst, an alchemist. Angela has made her private story our public story and her transformation our transformation.
— Eileen King, Justice for Children
Angela’s words will reach into your soul and shake you awake! She is fierce and bold and her passion to put a face on issues like domestic violence and child sexual abuse is compelling and necessary.
— Jessica Weiner, Self-Esteem Expert and Author of A Very Hungry Girl