Safe Side Superchick






Angela won an Emmy for her performance
as Safe Side Superchick in the video series, 
The Safe Side, created by Baby Einstein’s Julie Clark.

She not only got to help keep kids safe, but was also thrilled to do physical comedy, all her own stunts, and play all the various characters in the video hilarious 2 video series.

PARENTS – Need a few minutes??

36 min of with #1 Stranger Safety

28 min with #2 Internet Safety

#1 Stranger Safety


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#2 Internet Safety


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Angela first began acting at 8 when she became a mime at the local mall.

She went on to do some community theater and in her teens played Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. She then went into the more lucrative career of modeling and focused on her writing during her down time while all the other models were doing drugs and wasting time with playboys. What? Yes, it’s true. Luckily, she spent most of her time writing.

She landed the lead role of Meadow Adare in Gavin O’Connor’s first film, Comfortably Numb and began her professional acting career. She moved to Los Angeles in 1996 and booked a pilot every year she auditioned. She was happy to work in TNT’s BIG TIME, Fox’s ELIE’S THEORY, and the TV version of SWINGERS called HOLLYWOOD TALES.

She’s appeared in guest star roles in BECKER, CHICAGO HOPE, PACIFIC BLUE and SILK STALKINGS and is proud to have worked with Richard Benjamin when she did her first comedy role for the screen in THE SHRINK IS IN outside of a guest star on HBO’s comedy show HARDCORE TV.

She was also in AIR GUITAR NATION! As a COMEDIAN she was a regular on the Free Speech Show and Comedy Nation. She has also appeared at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

She also hosted a comedy cooking show called STIRRING UP TROUBLE.





Angela had a hilarious time gaining 30 pounds to play golf champion, Tracy, in her golf comedy film
Eagle and the Albatross.


Angela’s Acting Profiles