Sleeping Lessons

Sleeping Lessons




What in the hell do you do when when you can’t move much?

Get on a chair?

The bed?

The sofa?

If I only had something to hang onto…

Once upon a time, I was writing a show (oh it’s still coming, that’s a long game play) and it involves ariel fabric and circles.

If I could share what I see in my mind.

Oh wait, I do that! Have you seen THE HAMMER?! You better. If you’ve seen it, see it AGAIN and listen to the PODCAST:

Get that awesome deodorant from my friend Heidi: – if she’s sold out, I get first dibs.

Of course if you need a laugh – see Eagle and the Albatross!

My favorite little Nixon Blaster Speaker is not available anymore.

Glad I got one!

Here are my other new gadgets goodies: