Unraveling Abuse – the Spiritual Journey

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Disclaimer: I am a rebel and a big mouth and I do say things out loud that people are thinking. In this podcast with Rachel Fiori I speak about my spiritual journey and how if I had not been a model, I woulda been a preacher lol – and turned the pulpit upside down to reveal the hidden and erased parts. Here we Grow.

Rachel Fiori is joined today by Angela Shelton, a fellow warrior working to liberate survivors of trauma from pain and suffering and assist in catapulting them towards living their true purpose through her music, movies, and messages. The conversation focuses on the long term effects of being a victim to any and all types of abuse and how one can begin unravelling this web of abuse in their own life.

The Masters of Self University PODCAST is your highest source of Sacred Truth and Universal Wisdom, offered by Rachel Fiori, spiritual leader, psychoenergetic-healer, & CEO of MSU. Join our journey of soul transformation with hosts Ellie Lee, Danny Morley, and the rest of our amazing Certified Mystical Life Coaches. https://mastersofselfuniversity.com/

Rachel: https://www.instagram.com/rachel_fiori/



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