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I am a Fun, Foxy, Filmmaker who understands brotherhood, your road dog, your ride or die, your true family. I have always coveted the brotherhood connection many men have.

I will always be radically honest with you too. Through honesty we are able to go deep into our hearts and souls, which is why I am here.

I believe feminism f-ed up because the men didn’t come.
I know that’s funny, but there is truth in comedy and there’s a reason I share funny things!

Law-enforcement, military, men of service, and real MEN used to freak me out. I was scared of you. If you gave me a stadium of gentlemen, I would find the rageaholic unconscious dude like a magnet. It was a pattern of going after my father’s love, until I was thrown into my own healing while making my documentary.

Now I have the utmost respect and appreciation for men. I see you and I thank you for giving me the space to speak freely and openly with you. We can help each other in many ways. After years on the road interviewing survivors of abuse, I also learned about and now speak for many male survivors who tend to be more silent than women victims.

My first film was my documentary to survey women in America. I asked, “Who are you, where have you been, and where are you going?” I wanted to inspire women to help each other because I grew up in the fashion industry and then Hollywood so I had only seen women cutting each other down, not elevating each other like we are now in my community network.

I surveyed women by using my name as a vehicle so I interviewed all the other Angela Sheltons in the United States who would speak to me. I discovered the horrifyingly shocking fact that 70% of the women who shared my name also shared stories of child sexual abuse rape and/or domestic violence. That does not mean don’t name your child Angela Shelton. I could have chosen any name. It means that violence and abuse is a pandemic. 

Some of the Angelas had abusers, perpetrators, rapists, and batterers who served the military or were police officers. They were men of service, which added to my fear and distrust. Then I began traveling with my film and the book I wrote about how making that film changed my life forever, Finding Angela Shelton. You can read it on Kindle or listen to the audio on my app.

Saying that I searched for other Angela Sheltons and found myself is too simple a line because it is far more complex than that, like all of us. My story had a happy ending though! Most of the Angela Sheltons left abusive husbands, put themselves through school, started their own businesses, have great relationships, the alcoholic went into rehab, and my film went on to be a part of a grassroots movement of healing and source of awareness worldwide.  

What I found after my search was LOVE. I learned how to and now live IN LOVE. The “I love Angela Shelton” logo represents love full circle. It shows resiliency after trauma. It’s a symbol that the Angela Sheltons made it through and are powerful, awe-inspiring women of God.

It also celebrates the fact that I didn’t kill myself. It shows the happy ending of LOVE after escaping hell. Watch my headliner speech below about how I fell IN LOVE because of others loving me.

My Survey of women said: we’ve been through terrible things and are soldiers in our lives. We are healing and becoming stronger. And we need each other’s help. So I began talking to MEN.

I came to understand male survivors and the secrecy and shame that goes with their experiences. Then I began to interview any and all men who would speak to me (9999+ on Tinder) and I got to know thousands of men, from young to old, from convicts to correction officers. I began to get to know men in service. I began to hear your stories of why you were called to be in service. I spoke to men who are dominate, submissive, confused, angry, lonely, sad, and in need of affection and purpose.

I have also heard what you have been through and witnessed and I know why you do what you do. I get it. I got you.

That love, respect, and appreciation is what I had hoped to find in women when I started my documentary. The respect and love for men and brotherhood I learned through my travels lead me to my second film, The Hammer and is also why I am on OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/mommyteaches

The Hammer is my Heart, Baby! It is the true story of best friends who ended up in prison together (very symbolic of how many of us are in prison in our fears, doubts, and worries) and how real brotherhood was the love that opened the door to freedom! It is a true story about a prison boxer who was offered freedom to fight in the 1984 Olympics to win the gold for the US but he said no. The movie reveals why. 

This film is my love letter to men, men in service, men who understand brotherhood, male survivors, young men, and men in law enforcement. This is my love letter to the masculine. 

Watch the trailer and see The Hammer on Amazon Prime or anywhere you watch outside of Netflix or Hulu.

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I made the visual journey of THE HAMMER follow a sunrise because there is an awakening with all parties and aha moments on all sides like the rising of the sun. It is a new dawn film. It is an awakening to what love really means.

When we realize that the horizon is just the limit of our site, then together we can LIFT UP to see a bigger light and form a connection with all of us.

I have witnessed what this film does for men many times. I have seen MEN, great men, good men, men who were lost, men who are angry, men who are just “done” with it all have 180 degree awakenings that led them to stepping into their true life purpose and being the best men I’ve ever met.

I also know that YOU may be touching elbows with an abuser, one of the perps, one of the ones who does beat his wife and abuses his kids; one who is also wounded. You may be sitting next to the guy who is dropping a roofie into that woman’s drink and YOU are the one who can save her.

I have seen how both sides of perpetrator and victim come from trauma and it will continue until we heal our own lives and then project that healing everywhere we go and the good men stand strong during the storm of toxic hatred thrown at you from unconscious humans and follow your heart.

I have also seen that when we teach healthy, spiritually connected better amazing OMG sex, we eradicate the abuse and violence that spreads under the covers of shame and secrets. Read that again!

That is why I speak in church and why I am on OnlyFans.

If I had not been a model I would have been a preacher and gone to school for theology. That is a hilarious sentence. I now have a ministry in disguise. The movies I make are sermons. The Hammer is definitely a sermon! My work with survivors of abuse is me turning the pulpit upside down and revealing the hidden and erased parts. Even the work I share on OF has a higher purpose.

I do not subscribe to the dogma of the typical church experience. I preach to show how to have more OMG love in our lives.

I have been putting together a show and a book series and have been walking a fine line of upsetting some people with the BOLD things I will say but that is what rebels who change things do!

Being an abuse survivor and people pleaser, I have remained silent and “behaved” in an effort to be liked. Well…I have come to discover that the women (it\’s usually women) who take issue with me are the ones cheating on their husbands, addicted to porn and toys themselves, lying about who they really are, and generally full fear, doubts, and worries that they project onto others in order to not face their own stuff. Opps, said that!

Instead of promoting a battle between men and women, I will show the open, wounded hearts and the healing I have witnessed that works. I want men to feel loved and welcomed and not erased or trapped in silence – like we women are – so that you help us help you. Women are powerful healers when we are safe. I am no saint. I could not run for office. I really did inhale and I really did sleep with that women LOL. What I will do is continue to speak the truth and I proceed loving both sides of the feminine and masculine and revealing how I merged my own shadow side in order to truly step into being a Goddess.

I ask that you hear me out, watch my movies, read my articles and protect me so that I can speak more. Bring me to your community to speak at your church, VFW, school etc. You can go through my agent or hit me up directly: https://angelashelton.com/contact-angela

I invite you to know my heart and help me on my mission by watching this interview I did below with Real Men Real Talk, see my film The Hammer, my documentary Searching for Angela Shelton, and then if you are ready, read the articles I post on OF.

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When my aunt Susie saw this interview she GOT it! I cracked the code of my supremely Christian family that cringes when I curse. I have taken a dare to stop cursing, so bear with me!

I can only teach and share what I know myself and after my own awakenings, there is no going back. A door opened that will not be shut. I\’ll show you how I got there.

How do you like me now?

Want to be IN LOVE with me? Watch this:

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I appreciate you, love you, and have mad respect for you!

Bring me to your hood: https://angelashelton.com/contact-angela


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