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Thank you so much for signing up! I am so grateful to the King, Prince, Knight, and Good Boy within you.

I am fully aware that there is a duality to healing full circle balanced with the light and the shadow.

My main intention is getting you fully into your body and sexy self and giving you tools to elevate your mindset so that you are the best man and lover you can be.

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Thank you for all of your attention and your help. I wasn’t expecting what I received from you at all. I have been quitting porn (not this content but watching porn) so I’m trying to avoid being turned on as often, and boy do you turn me on! I haven’t been as active on here because you turn me on so much and I’m following your advice. I’m also over the girl I was obsessed with (thank you) and would love more of your healing audios.
— Property manager, 24