The man I call Jesus

Allow me to introduce a dear friend of mine, Jesus. I mean @sean.gilder I call him Jesus. I mean look at him. He created that helped get me off all pharma! It’s not advertised like that but WOW that was a BONUS!


He also owns MUSIC CITY E-BIKES in Nashville! Book a Ride and Let’s Roll!

One of Sean’s goals is to help get folks off of alcohol addiction. Who knew I’m off my asthma and heart meds instead! Lute is gold to me. I took about a teaspoon every day for about seven months back in 2021 and slowly noticed that I didn’t need any of my meds.

Today I was on a live on Tik Tok not too long ago where I started to wheeze and when I would’ve usually taken a puff of my asthma inhaler, I drank a little bit of Lute instead and in about 10 minutes I was breathing better and avoided a puff. I have witnesses. Now this Southern girl ain’t no doctor but all I can tell you is that I’m breathing better after taking Lute for almost a year and now I only take during the rare times when I need it. That bottle is expensive, but it is so worth it. Just like me LOL.

Order here:

He made a code iloveangela for a % off!

Thank you Jesus!

I share many missions with Sean and am happy to be in Nashville getting to ride and roll with him!

Music City E Bikes

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