Hey Love





I’m confined within a box at the moment. Know the feeling?!

Good time to work on that baby fat. My daughter is six… HAHAHA

I added links to my fav gadgets and some options for the CBD rub.

If you are or have baseball fans in your life totally check out my friend Barry Weinberg and his book Eating My Way Through Baseball.


He’s awesome, he also was a great help to THE HAMMER, so I am eternally grateful.

If you love The Hammer (aka Heart, Baby!) then we are cool. If not, you should probably just close down this tab and go on someplace else.

I mean, seriously. I might not hold it against you if you don’t like it or won’t see it. No, no I will. Yes, I will.


If you’re afraid, have a little dance party and then go get THE HAMMER!

Own it, you’ll want to see it more than once.

I’m so demanding today…