Notre Dame fires Angela Shelton

Did you know I got fired from Notre Dame? Probably not since I never told that story.  I just got fired and went on with my life and figured that was that until I told the story on tiktok. 


I got fired because of the G spot. Now, is G for G-spot or God?? Either way, I got fired for showing people where the G spot was in a COMEDY cooking show I do called Stirring Up Trouble months before I was going to speak at Notre Dame. 


I got an official letter that said they had hired me to speak about violence against women and not women\’s sexuality so were terminating my contract. 


At first I was extremely apologetic, explaining that I had been doing a COMEDY! That was not my talk to colleges. Or was it…?  Because they really got me thinking and seeing that the two are directly related! The erasure and control of women\’s sexuality, violence, and sex used as violence is very much connected. 


I never shared that story until TikTok, where I now shared stories daily.

Share this one here:


The response and support for that TikTok story really blew my mind. 

Here\’s the truth that I have seen: when we teach, model, show, and know how to have spiritually connected sex with higher consciousness, we eradicate the violence in the world.Well, greatly reduce it. I\’m a dreamer! 


Take my travels to churches for instance. I\’ve been to every state in the United States and down every highway interviewing people and hearing stories for over two decades. 


I\’ve noticed an interesting thing. The more fundamental, dogmatic, “uptight” the group, the worse the secrets and shame is in the basements. It\’s a common thing I\’ve noticed as a traveling observing superhero. I\’ve also seen that the one you can trust the most is usually the outlaw. 


So… I say we flip all this on its head and share our real selves, real healing, real truth. 


My own experiences and those I have witnessed (which have been worse) have been brutal.  Just living can be daunting in this world, especially with the cards of violence, silence, and shame stacked on you by abusive families and then continued within the system! 


I\’m about to reveal even more so that I can show even deeper and more profound healing.  

I am a superhero for little kids and a mom. I am also a single hot blooded hot mom. I am also a BIG MOUTH with a big message of healing and awareness for the whole family, from the kids to the creepy uncle. 

So… I say forget the rules! Forget the usual pathway just like forget Hollywood and the usual industries who are contributing to the control and silence. So put this hat one for a challenge and an idea! 


BRING ME to your community for some FUN fierceness

I need 3-5 days to do all things. Not just a hit and run, it\’s a stay and expand the conversation… Do what YOU are good at and bring me for what I am fantastic at and we do some old school tent revival energy expansion. 


Why not? Because we are waiting to be chosen by a system that wants us dead? Hahaha well, I mean we can keeeeep waiting if you want. Or.. 


I show up and we have some FUN, FOOD, and Friends/Family healing!

Oh yessss. How? Where? When?  Well, these are all the things I have traveled and done before in spots. I want to stay in one spot and do it all while I\’m here and then go to another spot. 


I\’m a lot, like a fireworks display. 

Instead of putting fireworks in a box, utilize the explosion! 


Elementary Schools and Kid Events: visit one or merge them for a Safe Side Superchick visit!  Show The Safe Side videos (free on YouTube) and I talk to kids after! YOU WILL have disclosures the longer I stay around kids. You will need counselor backup and be able to help when they ask for it, because it happens. 


High School: For who is brave, bring me to talk to the teens about sexual violence and sexuality and honoring their bodies, minds, spirits. It\’s funny and I won\’t curse or use the word sex. I\’ll walk around with a plastic sword and they think I\’m crazy but then… they listen. 


Day / Evening Fundraiser: Keynote speaker for a fundraiser for any of the amazing organizations out there! I\’m fantastic at raising money. I just haven\’t looked after myself that way (and also got fired) so this is a way to help me help others. 


Golf Clubs and Courses: Show my golf movie Eagle and the Albatross!


Small Groups at Church: I want to speak to women, men, and couples. Bring me. I can help shift relationships and create holy bedrooms. That\’s what I do. 


Nighttime! Send me out and I will start dance floors. Get the crowd dancing and then bring them to our event. You do have a superhero on your hands and that is my favorite thing to do! 


Movie Night – Boxing! Show my boxing film THE HAMMER aka Heart, Baby!  We have theatrical rights and you can rent a theater or show it in a school or conference setting. 


Movie Day or Night – show my documentary, Searching for Angela Shelton, in a group setting for outreach. 


Adult Performance: for adults in the evening, I will take you through the hilarious and Holy F-ing Shit Show of the mis-education and re-education of a sex and love addict and how it all leads to true OMG. 


Oh, and food and cold plunges, hikes, laughs, conversations and once in a lifetime experiences.  


Notre Dame had me set for the usual 10K fee so I say bring me to your hood and we do ALL of that for that, in fact half of that. 


One benefactor in a town can cover the whole thing and each one of those groups benefits. I\’ve been blessed and protected in my life because I asked for it. 


I\’m asking you to ponder how you can buck the system with me, go around the building, outside of the matrix, and continue to be our unstoppable awesome selves together. 


G spot!!  Ding ding ding!  


Can\’t wait to hear what you think. You literally never know. I had no idea I\’d be sitting here in this awesome spot sending you this email either! And a red bird just landed and said hello. So there ya go!


I love you!


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