Episode 33 – Poisoned Women

Host Angela Shelton has health expert Sean Gilder on to discuss his thoughts on “crazy women” and he said let’s not call them crazy, let’s call them poisoned. When you deep dive into the realities of that concept you see that indeed, we are very much poisoned in our bodies, minds, and spirits and it is intentional. It’s time to wake up to that reality, get healthy, and stay that way full circle, full body, full healing. Here is one of many discussions for our 101 Ways to Heal That Sh*t!! 

This is the man Angela calls Jesus (look at him at https://www.theoneinnashville.com/ and see why!) He created LUTE and cured himself of chronic pain after leaving the medical industry and learned about the poisoning from big pharma that is intentionally created. This is a long conversation where you can be a fly on the wall. Angela and Sean both go live on tiktok regularly: 



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