Episode 27: Feel The Love

YOU are LOVED!  Angela share a healing technique that you will fall in love with. She gets Aly to say she loves her, which may make Aly feel like holding onto an electric fence… From dating for food to facing being berated, feel the love!     

I love you.
Yes, You.

Feel it.

In this episode we’re feeling the LOVE! …and an electric fence. It’s complicated.

Angela and Aly share the ways they feel loved.

Aly also shares that Angela was recently on the phone with an insurance salesman and sold him The Hammer.

We discuss the period of time when Angela openly dated just to have dinner (and usually brought a doggy bag home for lunch the next day). She also wrote a book about it called Will date 4 Food: An online-dating guide for girls who can’t afford to eat out”, because Angela probably has ADD and can’t be expected to do only one thing at a time.

You can download the updated version and read it right now!

Our listeners can use the code eatwell to get 40% off of this insanity!

Speaking of which… Angela also did a shameless plug for an upcoming show she’s working on called PrickED.
She mentioned producing a t-shirt for the show that reads “Incest Survivors are Better in Bed – Ask me why…” Aly expressed uncertainty as to whether that would be a reliable source of revenue.

You should definitely go to http://pricked.me to be kept in the loop during Angela’s process.

PrickED: Cirque du Soleil meets Vagina Monologues on Peyote.

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