Episode 10: Cow Hugs

Angela and Aly go on a trip to The Gentle Barn after the the Los Angeles premiere of Eagle and the Albatross They talk to Joni Siegel, creator of Pure Remedy, as well as Ellie and Jay, the founders of The Gentle Barn.  Rebecca, a volunteer at the barn and also a fan of their movie, introduces both of them to cow hugging…

Yes, it was consensual.

After the Los Angeles premiere of our film Eagle and the Albatross, we went with Dan Lauria to The Gentle Barn to help his friend Joni Siegel with the launch of the animal version of her product, Pure Remedy, and we were in for a BIG SURPRISE!

We had no idea that 101 Ways to Heal That Sh*t would lead us to such tears, new friends, and COW HUGS!

 We talk about how Ellie from The Gentle Barn started saving animals and now helps animals and humans heal by creating a space where they help each other. It’s truly a beautiful place and Angela could hardly speak without crying.

I was in a foster home myself that was horrendous and seeing how they help abused kids, veterans, people suffering from PTSD etc while also helping the abused animals… grab tissues is all I can say! – Angela

We talk about healing the whole body with Joni – and her Pure Remedywhich I will now try on my daughter’s scars after being attacked by a cat! Full circle!!

We showed up after the opening night of #eagleandthealbatross which Rebecca Kling had attended – and then we saw her volunteering at the Gentle Barn! She introduced us to #cowhugging and the rest is history.

We are now both cow huggers and will eat ice cream and hug a cow whenever the opportunity arises. (listen to the podcast to learn about that connection!)

Go hug a cow!


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