Episode 01: A New Podcast!

Okay, we did it!

Aly and Angela started a podcast. ADULTS ONLY – Trigger Warning. Aly asks Angela some questions that she has never answered before until now… OMG puke. But it’s worth it if it helps others.

We laugh about how this all went from Searching for Angela Shelton to Finding Angela Shelton and now Listening to Angela Shelton – OMG… here we go:

In EPISODE ONE Angela introduces her BFF  Aly Drummond. We discuss how Angela went from being listed in Variety as one of the TOP TEN SCREENWRITERS TO WATCH into the world of trauma and recovery far before the #metoo movement. 

With Eagle and the Albatross and The Hammer coming out soon, we are adding this podcast to our service work.

Music by Leah Finkelstein and Heather Stewart 

It’s Angela and ALY which means we really do talk about everything from praying for porn (huh?) to Stirring Up Trouble, including how we met!

Aly even brings up Angela making out with Martin Gore from Depeche Mode! WHA…? It’s true. Angela was in the “CLEAN” video.

We talk about how Searching for Angela Shelton changed Aly’s life as well as Angela’s and led to us meeting and being right here doing this PODCAST!

We mention our two recent movies, including Eagle and the Albatross:

Eagle and the Albatross is about an orphaned Korean girl who seeks a mentor in a country golf club full of misfits and discovers an unlikely family. Starring Dan Lauria, Nancy LaScala, Jay Huguley, Adrienne Barbeau, and introducing Amber Liu!

While we were recording, Aly asked some questions about Searching that no one has asked Angela before, which led to revealing some major shit.

So here we go – 101 Ways to Heal That Sh*T….

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