Dumb Model and her 4 French Chairs

OMG Angela Shelton has written an erotica! Surprise! Just shot this one out lol

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

This is a how-to spot and escape a sociopath book disguised as a naughty erotic one.

This is great for yourself or your friends and loved ones who have experienced narcissists, sociopaths, and con artists. This shows how many work in Hollywood.

There are no chairs in the world quite like them. They are four French works of art. They are modern, high quality galvanized zinc. They do not rust. They are weather and bulletproof. They are heavy and very expensive. To the uncivilized they may look like simple cafe chairs. Those who know quality can spot fakes. These are the originals. They are quite a find. All four of them embarked on this journey to save their gorgeous American model owner from the grips of a sociopathic mentor. Their names are Viviane, Lulu, Adeline, and Babette. These are their unedited words.


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