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This documentary was Angela’s directorial debut and shifted the course of her life. It also is the reason there is a large gap in her IMDB page, because she went on the road for a decade helping raise money for rape crisis centers, child advocacy centers and domestic violence shelters.

To this day, this film is utilized around the world as a tool to help break the silence and begin breaking the cycle of abuse and violence.

In the uplifting and multiple award-winning documentary, Searching for Angela Shelton, filmmaker Angela Shelton drives around the United States surveying other Angela Sheltons. She discovers that 70% of the Angela Sheltons she speaks to are survivors of rape, childhood sexual abuse and/or domestic violence.


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The mayor of Asheville, NC made April 29th Angela Shelton Day in honor of all survivors.

Angela Sheltons have survived a lot in their lives and In the words of words of one Angela Shelton, Angela Sheltons do good hard things in the world.

We can all be \”Angela Shelton!\”

After traveling with the documentary for over a decade, Angela came back into the filmmaking ring with the TRUE STORY of Heart, Baby! that released as THE HAMMER.


When prison boxer George \”The Hammer\” Martin is offered freedom for fighting in the 1984 Olympics
he says no in order to protect the woman he loves, forcing his best friend to learn the true meaning of loyalty.