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…and always Stirring Up Trouble…From the cover of the New York Times to Oprah, Larry King Live, 48 Hours and Lifetime TV, Angela Shelton says whats others are afraid to speak of.


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HEY, it’s me, Angela. This is my site. Welcome. Hit me up on all my socials as angelashelton007 (yeah, I James Bond sh*t after being raised by wolves.)

I was also a model and still kept some of my brain cells, don’t judge.

From constantly repeating my PSA to stop raping children, go F yourself to talking openly about my theory that feminism f-ed up because the men didn’t come, I am on a mission to help men and women come together, heal, and live happily ever after, no matter what happened to them.

RIGHT NOW I am discussing ways to end deviant and violent sexual behavior by healing past traumas and having better sex lives on our comedy cooking show, Stirring Up Trouble.

My mission started with the documentary Searching for Angela Shelton where I discovered that child sexual abuse, rape, and domestic violence was a pandemic.

My theories about how to shift the consciousness and and the course of the world by healing and changing your own life, may turn you into a TROUBLEMAKER too!

Reach out, hit me up, be kind.

A lot of my site is written in 3rd person because too many in press and want to copy and paste instead of writing things themselves. Omg I said that! There’s one writer in Rochester, NY who quoted me correctly for the paper and I still send her thank you notes.

It’s the world now so, copy and paste me.

If you want to chat text me at (615) 802-7415 or use the contact page.


Angela Shelton is an award-­winning filmmaker, whose first screenwriting and producing credit, Tumbleweeds (1999), was awarded the Sundance Film Festival  (2000) Filmmaker’s Trophy and earned the lead actress Janet McTeer an Academy Award® nomination and a Golden Globe® win.   

Angela followed Tumbleweeds with her highly acclaimed adaptation of Kaye Gibbons’ novel Charms For The Easy Life (2002) starring Mimi Rogers and Gena Rowlands.  

In 2001 Angela made her directorial debut with the documentary Searching For Angela Shelton, aimed at surveying women across the U.S. who were also named Angela Shelton. However, she soon discovered that 70% of the women she interviewed with the same name had, like herself, been a victim of rape, childhood sexual abuse and/or domestic violence. The film received many accolades and went on to begin a grassroots movement of survivors and humanitarian organizations around the world dedicated to exposing the epidemic of abuse.

Her memoir, Finding Angela Shelton was published in 2006 and described how her journey across America, while making the documentary, changed the course of her life.

Following the documentary’s release Angela travelled for over a decade as a public speaker on the subject of trauma, recovery and surviving abuse. After over a decade on the road she created an online healing course in order to stay home with her daughter. She shares powerful, easy, and fun ways to heal from past trauma and become the unique and wonderful person you are. her own traumas of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence.

As an actress Angela won an Emmy for her role as Safe Side Superchick in the video series The Safe Side created by Baby Einstein’s Julie Clark.

The videos Stranger Safety (2004) and Internet Safety (2006) are shown in schools across the country.

On film Angela has starred in 9 Line (2014) and Comfortably Numb (1995) and her television roles include Pacific Blue, Chicago Hope and Becker and a comedy role in Eagle and the Albatross.

In 2016 Angela wrote and directed her first feature film Heart, Baby!, which she also produced. After being rejected from all Hollywood outlets because the film did not fit the usual molds, she found a distributor in the UK.

Renamed to THE HAMMER for a Walmart release that sold out, the film tells the remarkable true story of a male survivor of child abuse in Tennessee who became a prison prisoner. He was offered freedom in exchange for winning gold for the USA in the 1984 Olympics. He refused and the film reveals why.

Angela followed her award-winning first feature up with a heartwarming comedy Eagle and the Albatross starring KPOP singer Amber Liu and Dan Lauria from The Wonder Years.

Angela has other features and a mini-series in development through her production company Round Room Productions based in Nashville, TN along with Round Room Music.

Angela is loving directing music videos in Nashville as well as writing her own songs.

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