Surviving Trauma and Becoming a REFORMER


When I hit rock bottom due to the systemic financial abuse in Hollywood (that’s another story) and I thought about what I could gift the world with if I could do no more, besides my brilliant child, I had the thought that if everyone in my phone knew everyone else in my phone the world would be a different place almost instantaneously.

And it happened. I set up a network called Rockstar Reformers and in four days it took off and the rockstars in my phone joined and began meeting each other and WOW, what is happening is divine. I am honored and blessed to witness the matches made through me. It is a God gift that I am beyond humbled and grateful for.

The reason we are “Reformers” is from a prayer that I have edited:

God is sending in the wild ones, those rough around the edges with pure hearts and reformational hammers to break through old systems that no longer serves us. We are not coming in a rage but are a threat to old systems that harm women and children. We are the repairers, the builders of things yet unseen and unheard. We are the magic makers, the wounded healers who liberate others from pain and suffering as we elevate and expand to new heights of joy and God consciousness.

We carry torches of revival and the Sword of Trauma in order to forge pathways for others to find their peace.

I found this much longer version today, which gave me goosebumps here. Please remove any stigma of the dogma and control you were raised with and just feel the truth that resonates.

Your true purpose is more important than your pain.

If I had taken my life, we would not have this moment right here. I ask that you please listen to Austine’s story and see what resonates with you and then vote for her to win for the Ink Magazine spread.

Austine Rose Magnolia is the definition of a REFORMER.

She bravely and boldly shares her story of abuse from age 5 to being sexually assaulted and beaten by her fiancé to the point of being killed and revived to continue to be assaulted. She is here to tell the tale and name his name for the first time.

What is your story?

How have you fought back?

What do you need to heal deeper?

What resonated with you most about Austine’s story?

Where have you been silent?

When and how did you go back to your perp?

How can you rise to the next level, like the Pheonix from the flames – which IS the tattoo on Austine’s entire back and buttocks!

Answer any of those and please share

Read an article about her perp being charged here:

The entire 13 hours of the attack will be a part of a documentary. It is VERY difficult to watch, as you can imagine.

Read Austine’s first book:



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  1. I always thought and referred to each marriage as another lifetime and could love them without every wanting to be around them again. Great video

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