Ask Me Anything!

Ask me anything!

I have been asked to be a partner in a new sexual wellness start up!  Fancy!!  They provide healthy sexual health information without the spicy content to get canceled, offended, or freaked out.  So exciting!  I\’m like a hot Dr. Ruth but not a doctor, more like your mom\’s hot BFF who will tell you the truth!


I help mainly survivors of abuse and their partners and I\’m open to all questions that lead to HOLY bedrooms! I\’ve helped a lot of couples and many men. From getting off of porn to removing the roadblocks of flashbacks and fantasies, I\’m an open book in the segggs subject. 

The above video explains where my WHHHY comes from. 

Why do you do this?

Why do you share sooooo openly?

Why why why?

Because when you remain silent people die, that\’s why. 


I have lost everything and gained everything. In my own sadness I have seen how I can help others and that is a glorious gift. 


I\’ve been working in trauma/recovery for over 20 years now and for the past 3 years I have interviewed and helped men and couples specifically. 
Now I\’m like legit  in a fancy start up! I\’m thrilled to have another arm in this wild kaleidoscope of life to reach more people.

Yes, I may cry and reveal my own wounds and it\’s worth it to see the difference truth makes in the world. 


Go ahead and ask me anything!

I am an expert in trauma recovery and sexual health, and dumb as hell in other things so ask accordingly!


Some of the most common questions:

How do I stop having flashbacks?

How do I get off of daily porn?

How can I help with impotence? 


For my own healing, it was the Sword of Trauma that worked the best, which is why I wrote the The Sword of Trauma Be Your Own Hero Workbooks that are used by therapists, support groups, retreats, and classes worldwide now. 


Doing this “sword” work changed my life and enhanced and accelerated my own healing. It lead to a song, sword dances, and now Re-Treats!


I took the price down from the 2k to $497 with a payment option to make it available to more people and not just educators. If you need a coupon, just ask me for it on the contact page!

Whyyyy? Because we have swords in us and we need more warriors now than more wounded. It\’s time. 


I love you and I\’m glad you\’re alive! 


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  1. This is awesome!
    I had a Dr once tell me I needed to go into an in house program in order to heal from the sick trauma that was done to me. Well, I was young and not courageous enough to do it. I’m now in my 60’s and regret not having done it. This is an exceptionally low price to get one’s life on the right track!!! If a person can do this, they would be foolish not to! Be brave people! The work you do will enable you to have your best life. YAY!
    I want to thank you Angela for what
    you are doing. It is an extraordinary thing in today’s world!

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