Safe Side Superchick: Teaching Kids to Stay Safe

As parents wanting to keep our kids safe, and as abuse survivors ourselves, it is essential to empower ourselves by teaching our children about safety and keeping our children safe. Safe Side Superchick offers a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about personal safety, which can give us peace of mind as parents or caregivers. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of teaching kids about safety and how Safe Side Superchick can help in doing so effectively.



Why is it important to teach kids about safety?

Teaching kids about safety is crucial in today\’s world. Children face various potential dangers, including predators and strangers who may harm them physically or emotionally. By educating children on how to stay safe, we can empower them to protect themselves and reduce the risk of harm.

The Safe Side Superchick program offers practical tips for kids to stay safe in any situation.

One way to teach kids about safety is through the Safe Side Superchick program. This program offers interactive activities that help children learn practical tips for staying safe, such as recognizing danger signs and how to react if approached by a stranger. By incorporating this program into our teaching, we can ensure that our children have the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe in any situation they may encounter.

The potential dangers kids face

Online predators, physical abuse and assault, bullying, and cyberbullying are just a few of the potential dangers that kids face in today\’s digital age. With the rise of social media platforms and online communication tools, strangers can easily connect with children without any parental supervision or protection. These strangers may pretend to be someone else to lure kids into dangerous situations.

Physical abuse and assault also pose significant threats to children\’s safety. While these issues typically occur within known relationships (such as family members or trusted adults), they can still have lasting impacts on a child\’s mental health and well-being.

Bullying is another common issue that many kids face both in-person and online through cyberbullying. This type of harassment can lead to depression, anxiety, self-harm, and even suicide in extreme cases.

To keep our kids safe from these potential dangers, it\’s essential for parents to educate their children about safety measures such as identifying warning signs when talking with strangers online or offline. It\’s also crucial for parents to monitor their child’s online activity regularly while fostering open communication channels at home so that if an incident does occur; your child knows they can speak out without fear of retaliation or judgment.

Remember: Safe side superchick! By teaching your child how to stay safe both physically & emotionally – you empower them with the knowledge they need not only survive but thrive!

How to empower kids to stay safe

Teaching kids about personal boundaries is crucial in empowering them to stay safe. Children need to understand that they have the right to say no and set limits for themselves, especially when it comes to physical contact with strangers or even people they know. Encourage your children to speak up if someone crosses their personal boundary and assure them that you will take their concerns seriously.

Open communication with trusted adults is also important in keeping kids safe. Make sure your children feel comfortable talking with you or another adult they trust about any uncomfortable situations they may encounter. Let them know that there are supportive grown-ups who can help keep them safe from harm\’s way.

Building confidence in saying no can be challenging but it’s worth it! Teach your child how to firmly say \”no\” without feeling guilty or ashamed of their decision, whether it’s declining an unwanted hug from a relative or refusing a stranger\’s offer of candy. By practicing these skills at home, children will be better equipped to use them outside the house as well!

Who is Safe Side Superchick?

Safe Side Superchick is an empowering educational program that teaches children how to stay safe in various situations. Created by child safety expert and former police officer, John Walsh, the program focuses on providing practical tips and techniques for avoiding danger while promoting self-esteem and personal responsibility. With colorful characters like Rad Chad, a skateboarding superhero, and B.B. Backpack, who carries all the tools kids need to stay safe, Safe Side Superchick makes learning about safety fun and engaging for children.

Through interactive videos and hands-on activities, Safe Side Superchick aims to educate both parents and children on important topics such as internet safety, stranger danger, bullying prevention, fire safety and more. By teaching kids how to recognize potentially dangerous situations early on in life through easy-to-understand methods of communication; this program equips them with the confidence needed to protect themselves from potential harm or abuse later in life.

The philosophy behind Safe Side Superchick

Empowering kids to stay safe from abuse and harm is at the heart of Safe Side Superchick\’s philosophy. By teaching children about personal boundaries, we can give them the tools they need to recognize potential danger and protect themselves. Through fun and engaging videos, games, and activities, kids learn how to identify unsafe situations and behaviors while building confidence in their ability to handle them.

We also believe that encouraging open communication between parents and kids is essential for creating a safe environment where children feel comfortable sharing their concerns. This helps parents provide guidance on how best to navigate social situations without compromising safety or crossing uncomfortable boundaries.

Key Takeaways:

  • Empowering children with knowledge on personal boundaries

  • Teaching kids how to identify potentially unsafe situations

  • Building confidence in a child\’s ability to protect themselves

  • Encouraging open communication between parents and children

The characters of Safe Side Superchick

Introducing Safe Side Superchick, the fearless protagonist of our safety education program. She’s loved by children all over the world for her energetic and engaging lessons on staying safe in everyday situations. But she’s not alone in her mission to empower kids – meet Sparkle & Flash, two fun-loving sidekicks who help Safe Side get her message across.

Officer Buckle & Gloria are also part of our cast. They’re here to remind children that safety is serious business but doesn\’t have to be boring or scary! Each character teaches important safety lessons through their unique personalities and experiences so that every child can find a role model they relate to.

As we teach your children about stranger danger, bullying prevention, internet safety and more, know that each character aims to equip them with practical skills while empowering them too with confidence and self-esteem: The pillars of a secure future!

Tips for teaching kids about safety with Safe Side Superchick

Teaching kids about safety with Safe Side Superchick is crucial in today\’s world. You can use the DVDs and resources provided by Safe Side to teach your children about stranger danger, cyber safety, and other important topics. Make sure you watch these videos with your child so that they know what to do if a dangerous situation arises.

Talking openly and honestly with your children about safety is essential. Encourage them to ask questions and voice their concerns without fear of judgment or punishment. This will help build trust between you and your child, making it easier for them to come to you if they ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Role-playing different scenarios can be an effective way of teaching kids how to stay safe in various situations. Practice things like responding assertively when someone approaches them that they don\’t know or dealing with cyberbullying on social media platforms. With time, this will give them the confidence needed to stay safe in any environment confidently!

Use the Safe Side Superchick DVDs and resources

Introduce your kids to the Safe Side Superchick program, a comprehensive safety education resource that teaches children how to protect themselves from abuse and abduction. The engaging DVDs and other resources are perfect for parents looking for an effective way to teach their kids about safety in a fun and interactive way.

Watch the videos together with your kids, then encourage them to ask questions about safety. By watching the Safe Side Superchick program together, you can have open conversations with your children about important topics like stranger danger, internet safety, bullying prevention, and more.

  • Introduce your kids to the Safe Side Superchick program

  • Watch the videos together with your kids

  • Encourage your kids to ask questions about safety

Talk to your kids about safety

Start conversations early and often. A child can be taught about safety as soon as they start communicating with words. It is imperative to talk to them regularly about what is safe and unsafe behavior, in a way that is age-appropriate.

Teach children the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch. Use simple language to explain that it is okay for family members or trusted individuals, like doctors, to touch their body when necessary but not anyone else without proper permission.

Explain personal boundaries and why they are important. Show examples of how boundaries work in daily life, such as asking someone not to hug if they don\’t want one or wearing clothes that make them feel comfortable instead of what others suggest. Children need to understand that their body belongs only to them, so nobody has the right to touch it without permission – no exceptions!

Practice safety scenarios with your kids

Role-play different safety scenarios at home or in public places with your kids to prepare them for any potential danger that may occur. This practice can help children understand what to do when they find themselves in a dangerous situation, and it also helps ensure their safety. Additionally, Help them memorize important information such as their full name, address, phone number so that if something happens where they need help from strangers or the police, they know how to give necessary information.

Show your children how to react if someone tries to make them uncomfortable or unsafe by giving examples of inappropriate behavior and letting them role play different responses. This will empower kids with the skills needed to stay safe and speak up confidently when faced with troubling situations. Building these habits early on will set a foundation for ongoing discussions about personal safety throughout childhood and adolescence while providing peace of mind knowing you\’ve done everything possible to keep your child safe from harm\’s way.


In conclusion, Safe Side Superchick is an excellent resource for parents and caregivers of children to teach them about personal safety in a fun and engaging way. The program offers age-appropriate content that covers topics such as bullying, internet safety, and sexual abuse prevention. By providing children with the necessary skills to recognize potential dangers and how to respond appropriately, we can help prevent incidents of sexual abuse.

Remember that healing from sexual abuse takes time and effort. Seeking re-education through programs like Angela Shelton’s Sword of Trauma program for adults to heal and Safe Side Superchick for children is an essential step towards empowerment and recovery. Let us work together to create a safer world for our children by investing in their education on personal safety early on in life.



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