Striking Unions


Holy blast from the past! I was on the cover of the NY Times years ago and here comes a photo of a moment in the LA times! 


Funny the things we learn. This was about the Writer\’s Guild strike in 2007/08. The article, written by culture columnist and critic Mary McNamara, says Los Angeles and the industry can\’t handle another strike:


I agree! I would not support a strike if I had to do it over. 


As a producer, writer, director, and actress, the union system as I have experienced the middle men creating roadblocks and stalls with time and money like I have never seen in my life. 


The good news in this story is the pending strike of 2001 lead to me going Searching for Angela Shelton. That\’s what started my entire life shift. Watch it here:


I get it, everyone wants to make more money, so do I, but as a producer who raises the money and works to get and keep everyone paid, the worst hurdles I have had to face are with SAG: Screen Actors Guild. What a time waste they have been. I could go on and on and I will but I don\’t have anything nice to say so I\’ll keep it positive! They are not the WGA. lol 


On a good note with the WGA, I had a script stolen from me at one point in my career and they went after them to pay me, even after I called to say noooo don\’t do that. They did it anyway and got me paid so hooray WGA. Why did I say no?! Because I didn\’t want to be a bother. Yeah, I know… I\’d smack myself but I quit self abuse LOL 


I still would not strike. In fact I would not spend much time sign holding. We have been sign holding for far too long in so many areas. I\’ve seen time and time again that when people are red faced adamant about something, they are usually wrong. Crazy… 


In the trauma and recovery world, so many of us have been pounding the TOE of the beast with sign holding. At best it is annoying. The real work I\’ve seen is when we each get better and stronger on each of our islands and rise together and we drown the beast. 


I say put the sign down, write anyway, never quit, leave the unions, take more pictures, unplug more, and stop supporting Hollywood altogether. Why? Follow the money and see what it supports to have a puke. 


What are you holding a sign about? I\’m not judging! I\’ve done it too! LOL


Big sign of LOVE,


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